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Econophysics, Sociophysics & other Multidisciplinary Sciences Journal
                 Exploratory Domains of Econophysics News  or simply EDEN
means an international workshop hosted by the University of Pitesti (UPIT). To EDEN are are naturally accepted the current work and new ideas in the Exploratory domains of Econophysics, Sociophysics, Quantum Economics, Demographysics, Fuzzy models, biological and organizational models, social networks, and complexity science etc. by presented by researchers not only from Romania, but also from other countries around the world. Econophysics and Sociophysics have played a significant role in economic and social modeling process but still remains understudied in modern universities despite its major capacity in understanding and describing social and economic processes.  As author you are invited to submit and present original, unpublished manuscripts that address any phase or aspect of the new econophysics modelling process, such as new domains and methods for studying modern economics, finance, economic cycle, recession and growth, management under risk and uncertainty, and the influences of, and effects on, social and economic development, and may focus solely on one domain, model or method, on comparisons between phenomena, or cross-border processes in multi-disciplinary thinking. Any multi-disciplinary possible areas of study could be accepted and papers are not limited to one isolated science.
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